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Vui's Kitchen

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

My friend and I attended the Nashville Zoo Zoolumination event last night. Afterward she suggested Vui's Kitchen and I was not eager to go. I have only had Vietnamese once. It was in Washington, DC. Nathan and I were traveling to the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg with the kids. We were staying for a couple of days with family and though the time with them was wonderful, I was out of somewhat out of sorts and the menu at the Vietnamese restaurant they took us to was overwhelming. Our hosts are seasoned travelers and ordered with ease, but I can only say I only found the meal to be okay.

On the night we visited Vui, my friend was feeling sick and wanted some broth and this has become her go-to spot for fresh bone broth. She is a dear friend to me and so I packed away my doubts and followed her to Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood. I'm glad I did. I knew I was going to love Vui as soon as I walked in the door. The restaurant was small and inviting and the menu was a reflection of the environment. Small, underwhelming, making my choice and easy one.

The hallmark of the restaurant is the broth, which is their own broth cooked for hours and filled with yummy goodness! I ordered the chicken pho and shortly after an enormous bowl of the most beautiful soup was placed in front of me. I ate the entire thing along with a spring roll. The restaurant was very clean and the staff were all so friendly. I cannot wait to take my hubby! My photos do not do this food justice.

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