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The Crab Trap, Destin

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

First, I'm sorry we did not take photos. We were so happy to get our dinner and eat we forgot! I think the biggest part of my 5 star review was the service more than the food. They were a couple of minutes beyond taking additional phone orders for the evening, but decided to go ahead and take our order, so it was important to me that we reviewed them. What a sweet restaurant. In non-Covid days we would have dined in and that looked like a lot of fun. However, we are in Covid times and got take out as we had done all week. The restaurant was packed and we felt bad for the staff, all in masks, when none of the patrons had the courtesy of doing so. I hope if you are dining in during Covid you are tipping well these people who are taking a chance every day! With that said, two things stood out with the food. First were the chicken tenders. It was apparent to me that these are fresh chicken tenders, not out of a bag. The kids loved them. Second was the crab cake. I usually am nervous about getting a crab cake that has SO MUCH going on flavor wise. Sometimes it simply is TOO MUCH. But, not in this case. The crab cake with andouille sausage and a corn salsa was really amazing. My hubby and I split the crab cake and then each had our own entre. I had the fish sticks and he the shrimp. The fried shrimp platter features small shrimp. It was tasty, but I would have gone for the larger butterfly shrimp if we were to go back. It was a lovely restaurant and we do recommend.

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