Swezey's Pub: A Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

My family and I have been attempting to be quite diligent with Tennessee's stay at home order. The kids (teens) have only left the house for a long Sunday drive in over 4 weeks. They hubby has made one run for a Kroger pickup and that has left me for most of the grocery runs (pick ups as well) and for our weekly one night of take out. While we most frequently eat in Nashville as that is where we spend most of our time, now that we are sheltering in place, we are focused on restaurants that are closer to our home. This is one we've seen and wanted to try, but simply have not made it there.

Let me say that having done a pick-up order, I can say once the shelter in place order is over, we'll be visiting there for a sit-down dinner! After making my weekly pick-up run, I stopped to call in my family's order to Swezey's. I was a little nervous as sometimes french fries do not travel well. These, however, did. The person who took my order was courteous and efficient. I was approximately 5 minutes from the restaurant when I placed my order and once there, waited at most 10 minutes for the very fresh food to be delivered to me in my car. We deemed it burger night and my family of four each ordered a burger and fries. My only regret with my order was not ordering a draft beer to drink when I arrived home. (I think open container laws are now out the window.) When I arrived home it was a like locusts descending upon me as my family eagerly set the table while I unpacked four of the largest burgers we have EVER seen in our lives. We all agreed that these are among the area's top burgers!!! Delicious, even 20 minutes after leaving the restaurant. The toppings were generous, the fries were generous, the burger huge. Cannot wait to go in person. Thanks to Swezey's for allowing us to have a great meal during these unusual times. Folks...if you are getting take out, go above and beyond on the tips. These folks are going above and beyond for you! Swezey's not only prepped us delicious foods, they are taking their own lives into their hands by delivering to our cars - and they do it with a smile. (We took photos and they have somehow disappered. Hopefully will be able to update later on.)

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