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Chago's - Always Good!

I have eaten at Chago's in Nashville several times through the years. It's an easy stop for me and my daily rounds. In all of the years we have eaten there, we have only had one bad experience and that may have been more my husband's expecations than the actual food! I love going in the evenings as I can always get a good sangria. The food is consistent for a fresh mex in a hip area and the service is also great. Owned by a fave local restaurteer and in the center of his restaurant empire, I suspect the owner is in enough that the staff stays on point. I give this restaurant a 4 instead of a 5 for two reasons. One, I am sure there is most likely a handicap accessible restroom somewhere on the premisis, the regular women's bathroom can be difficult to access. Two, there is no wi-fi. I know, there are plenty of places for wi-fi. However, 2 days a week I work out of my home and Chago is a fave stopping point for me. It's in a univeristy area, so I understand they do not want internet squatters. However, lunch is not so busy that I cannot sit for a couple of hours and work over a good meal. Chago, I'd love to see you add this! I have not taken any photos of my food, but this is my water glass and view the last time I was in.

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