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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

After trying a couple of nights and being turned away due to how many orders were in front of us, we finally were able to place a very large sushi order for 5 at Camille's while on a recent break in Destin. It was worth waiting for. We have not eaten sushi in 6 months and as Camille's was directly across from our condo, it was a quick walk home meaning the sushi was still delicious when we sat down to eat. I am not sure if it was that we were so happy to have sushi or that it was truly delicious, but it was immensely enjoyed by all. One our list were traditional crunchy shrimp, tuna roll, salmon roll, Alaska and philly rolls. Also, added the Destin Roll, the Super Crunch and Surf Clam and Scallop nigiri. The miso was great as was the soup. The next evening we needed some additional french fries to add to our home cooked meal and ran over for great fries. The service was friendly and helpful. We highly recommend.

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