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Hi. I'm Dana and I am glad you found your way to my freebies. I am passionate about many things. Top of the list is storytelling and making my home feel as welcome as possible (for me and our friends and family). Too often we step out of our story or feel our story isn't worth telling. But, it is. Your story is worth telling and this free guide to telling your story can start you on that journey. Whether you are telling your story to promote a business or learning to embrace your story, warts and all, for healing. I encourage you to step into your story. Part of my own story began with meeting and studying with a Shaman from New Zealand in 1997. He started me on my journey of space clearing and I have not looked back. This booklet is the culmination of my years of study and will begin you on the path to cleansing your home regardless of your own spiritual path. 

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Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur struggling with sharing your story?  Do you find it difficult to share your gifts with others due to lack of confidence or fear of rejection?  Then my Step Out of Fear and Into Your Story course is just for you.  I remember distinctly my school days when I would stand red faced, sweating and visibly shaking when having to speak in front of a group - whether it was giving a book report or acting in the class play.  I won't say that I am never nervous, but now I am confident enough to stand up and not only speak, but share my story, my gifts and my offerings to the world. This course was born out of my lessons and working through my own fears and I know it can help you too.


It was in 1997 and I had been invited by one of my best friends to join her for a weekend with her sacred women’s spirituality group. The group facilitator had brought a Shaman from New Zealand to teach for the weekend.  All of the women sat in a circle and Grandfather went around smudging each woman and sharing a message.  When he got to me it was as if he could see into my soul and he seemed to spend a great deal of time fanning me with the feathers, sending the sacred smoke over me and around me.  His words to me were “Unveil, Unveil Sister, Unveil”.  I have had moments of unveiling in the last 19 years but it has truly been in the last year that the message has worked its way into my heart in the way it was below to read more!

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