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The Well Seasoned Woman

Life Blog from Nashville TN

Dana with Moon at Women's Retreat 2016 (


  • I am a native Tennessean (6th generation!)

  • My husband and I have been together for over 20 years! He is my biggest cheerleader, best friend and a frequent annoyance all at once. In other words, the perfect partner.

  • I have served on boards for numerous non-profits as well as volunteered in various capacities. Currently I act as volunteer marketing and media advisor for Caring for China's Orphans

  • After two years of intense prayer and constant searching in the mid-90's, I was introduced to  the world of women's spirituality. It was a blessed time in my life full of teachings, teachers, good friends and connection. I have participated in and facilitated many women's spiritual circles the last 25 years.

  • I became a Reiki Master in 2002 and while I do not operate a healing practice, I still use Reiki in my everyday life.

  • My altar has images of Mother Mary and Diana (Artemis), my patron Divine Feminine energies.

  • In 2005, I trained as a feng shui practitioner  through the Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui.  Though I no longer offer space healing to my clients, it serves as one of the lens in which I view the world.

  • I am as at home in a church as a fire circle and my children have attended Catholic school.

  • For 3 years I worked in various capacities, including co-manager, for Nashville's oldest metaphysical store - Magical Journey. I consider this one of the best times of my life.

  • The most important book on my bookshelf is Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I should say "books" as I have the original and the new anniversary edition.

  • My top 5 spiritual books for the awakened human are listed here.

  • The Pandora station on the most in our home is called "Hipster Cocktail Radio."  Look it up!

  • My children are a huge part of my why and hold my heart. Noah and Arwyn (yes, like Lord of the Rings) are growing up rapidly and I am blessed to see these two beings evolve.

  • My heroes are my parents, my in-laws, several family members and a handful of AMAZING teachers from my high school. 

  • I can cook almost anything and can often be found in the kitchen. 

  • I am one of those weird people who hates hiking, love being in nature, hate hiking.

  • Each year I cannot wait to begin playing Christmas music!!!!!

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