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Life is about authenticity. It's about finding our voice. It's about those little moments. It's about the momentous events. It's our wins and our regrets and the space in between. Throwing the idea of a niche blog out the window, this is my voice. Spirituality, health and wellness, food, family, raising kids, adoption, home, gardening, politics, wellness, reviews on anything and everything plus life in Nashville! In other words, day to day life by a woman whose life has been nothing less than extraordinary. A legend in my own mind.  This is my life.

Every Season of Life Has Value

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Stirring Coffee

A Storyteller at Heart

​We have a primal need for story. Living in the 21st century has not altered that need.  In fact, as our world has expanded, that need may be even more important today than ever. The stories I tell are not only my own.


I want to tell your story.

I want to assist you in letting the world know about your gifts, your services and help you reach your ideal client. Specializing in supporting those in the wellness and consciousness fields (massage, Reiki, alternative therapies, tarot, visionary teachers, etc.), conscious businesses 

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